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About Me

Hello there!

My name is Josh Jones, and I am an illustrator and graphic designer based in Atlanta, GA.

I am currently taking commissions!

My main source of inspiration comes from my love of classic monster movies, Saturday morning cartoons, retro comic books and strips, and early pulp magazines. 

I've been drawing longer than I can remember. As a kid, I was an obsessive doodler, and the one always voted "Most Artistic" through all of my early school years. For me though, art was never just a hobby. I knew right away that I wanted to make it a career someday, and any drawing, painting, etc. was training for my future. 

Some early professional art jobs I attained were through the Boy Scouts of America; of which I am an Eagle Scout. Through scouting, I was given the opportunity to help design patches and t-shirts for varies camporees, fundraisers, special events, and full-program summer camps. Many of these designs are still used today, and I continue to apply my creative skills wherever I can within the organization.

While attending Georgia Highlands College, I was also a member of the Six Mile Post; our school paper. For the Post, I drew various cartoon strips, caricatures, and spot illustrations for a variety of school events, interviews, and articles. I also worked with the head of graphic design to create and maintain the look of the paper, and certain aspects of our college website. In recognition for work done through the Six Mile Post, I was awarded the 2016 Cartooning Award by the National Associated Collegiate Press.

More recently, I have been doing freelance work and making more of a transition to digital art. I have used sites like Fivver as a jumping off point for networking, and as a way to practice creating artwork for clients of all variety. I am a strong believer in good client/artist relationships and want to make sure that I am putting forth the best possible product I can for every client I work with. I am a gigging musician in my spare time and have since begun to do artwork for other musicians and bands in the Atlanta area. This work includes gig/tour posters, album and single artwork, and other pieces used for various merchandising. 

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